CRUX is embarking on a two month long tour

urlMiami-Charleston-Atlanta-Athens-New Orleans-Austin-Boulder-Denver-Vegas-Los Angeles-San Francisco-Portland Oregon-Seattle-Vancouver-Calgary-St Paul/Minneapolis-Milwaukee-Chicago-St Louis-Columbus-Cleveland-Pittsburgh-DC-Philadelphia-NYC-Providence-Boston-Portland Maine-Montreal-Toronto.

If you’re scratching your heads, wondering why all these cities are appearing in a single post, you’re probably not alone. I’m still trying to process it! But with a little help form the universe and the talented cooks all across North America, we’re going to attempt to do something we’ve certainly never done before… I’m pretty sure a two month long, 29 city culinary tour is a first for most!

The goal is to organize collaborations in the cities listed above. Each with different chefs and different menus. I’ll be packing myself, my knives and one intrepid cook into a car and taking off on this cross country adventure. 

If you’re located in one of these cities and think you know the ideal candidate -or better yet, you are our ideal partner in culinary crime– PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me at Though we’ve already rustled up some hosts for a few of our dinners we’re still open to any suggestions and would love to collaborate with anyone interested in hosting. -See you on the road!


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