Calling Calgary

Plating the Amuse

On a whim, I decided I couldn’t get enough of Calgary! So y’all get me for one more day.

This time, we’re doing things a little differently. The wine bar at Brasserie Kensington has been graciously loaned to me on Monday afternoon for this one of a kind, intimate dining experience.  I’ll be cooking and serving from the bar’s open kitchen. If you’d like a chance to experience (up close and personal) some of the things I’ve got in mind for my own restaurant TMIP, I welcome you to join me for a No Menu, multiple course tasting menu.

So come hang out with me at the Wine Bar at Brasserie Kensington on Monday at 1pm.

For reservations, please call 403.680.4854 and give them the details of your party size and any dietary restrictions. You know the drill. See you Monday. $65/person BYOB.

Please allot 3 hours for this beast of a feast. 


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