In a feeble attempt to stay on schedule as promised, attached is the menu for CRUX’s next pop up in Pittsburgh.

A few things of note: This will be a special dinner. Special in the sense that Bar Marco has just wrapped up its first year of being a badass drinking hole and dining destination of not only Pittsburgh’s dining clientele, but a favorite amongst industry professionals and critics alike.

Justin Steel and Brandon Baltzley have met numerous times over the past six months and have already done a few dinners together.  The menu is a collaboration of sorts. Each dish was taken off a separate menu spanning over the course of the first year of Bar Marco’s existence. These dishes will have a modern spin put on them and be completed with Michael Kreha’s cocktail and wine pairings.

The pop up is seven courses with a few surprises and is priced at $125 for food, booze, tax, and tip. We look forward to seeing you there and hope you can help us spread the word.

Reservations can be made on Showclix. Here is the link:

Menu_Crux (1)

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