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We have been grinding, to say the least, over the last three months. Here are some photos from Pittsburgh, Chicago, and NYC events since August.

Tickets from Bar Marco “No Menu Monday.” Photo credit Anthony Palumbo

Menu. Photo credit: Anthony Palumbo

Ham “gnocchi,” Manchego broth; starting to plate bison balls, blue cheese pana cotta, corned pork tongue “rueben.” Photo credit: Anthony Palumbo

Chevre sherbet, beet dust. Photo credit: Anthony Palumbo

Duck breast, vanilla confit potato, tempura, acacia powder, sassaparilla spritz, and skewered on black birch (yes we ripped the plating off Alinea). Photo credit: Anthony Palumbo

Tuna bloodline sausage, kimchi puree, daikon, sriracha, swordfish marrow mignonette. Photo credit: Anthony Palumbo

Turnip-rutabaga soup, garnish of granola, bee pollen, leek, red onion, kale, carrot. Photo credit: Anthony Palumbo

Cocktails: bloody mary with mussel, gin and tonic with cocoa nib, dirty sock (charred pineapple, pickled core, lapsang souchong sphere, scotch pebbles, black truffle salt, pecan. Photo credit: Anthony Palumbo

Raw cauliflower, fried cauliflower, spirulina infused goat yogurt, salmon roe, radish, celery, cabbage powder, parsley, pickled mustard seed. Photo credit: Anthony Palumbo

Squash, pork fat, spirulina, stevia, kefir; morcilla, seaweed, sriracha; sea oysters for half of the Tale of Two Oysters course. Photo credit: Adam LaPalio

Beet, red cabbage, roiboos, rose hip. Photo credit: Adam LaPalio

Egg, cherries, raspberries, caraway, carbonation. Photo credit: Sabrina Viscomi

Charred turnip, tobacco pana cotta, scotch carmel, espresso bubbles. Photo credit: Sabrina Viscomi

Foie torchon, paddlefish caviar, carbonated grape, champagne gelee, black pepper pudding . Photo credit: Sabrina Viscomi

Goat cheese ice cream, honey crack, radish. Photo credit: Sabrina Viscomi

Celery, white chocolate, wintergreen, schmaltz, walnut, sea blight . Photo credit: Richard Eng

Squash, sweet fern, reindeer lichen, white beer, goat yogurt, Rhode Island Greenie, hop cotton candy. Photo credit: John Sconzo

I’d like to say that none of this could have gotten done without the help of everyone who has been involved. Chefs, sponsors, friends, volunteers- We thank you. Over the next five months we have plans to do dinners and visit five states and four countries before hunkering down near Chicago to open TMIP.  Heres to a fantastic ending to what was started as a pipe dream just over a year and a half ago.

“A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.”- Jim Morrison


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