Walk Away…

There comes a time when you realize that something you have conceptualized has gotten away from its own philosophical standings. That something for me is CRUX.

It was never supposed to be the “Brandon Baltzley Show.” CRUX is about collaboration, travel, reaching new people, equality, respect— most of all it’s about being a creative venue that allows cooks and artists of any kind really, to come together and be free to experiment with the ideas that didn’t have a place in their day jobs.

We’ve had the honor of working with amazing artists and cooks along the way. From dinners orchestrated with peers and friends in Chicago to the opportunity to work alongside amazing charities that speak to me on a personal level, from past events in Maine with people we saw on videos before they became our friends and collaborators to representing our food at the ICC in New York City. We’ve been taken in by Pittsburgh and won’t give it a rest until we’ve had the chance of cooking with some extremely talented and dedicated members of the community here that are pushing the food scene forward every day.

But that time has come, it seems. And I’ve found myself at a crossroads with CRUX. In the very near future, I am traveling deeper into the midwest to begin building a restaurant. A few months after that, my memoir is being published. This only means one thing: I have to take a step back. CRUX has been my life for the last year and a half, and I’ve poured everything I could into it, but that’s what a movement like this needs. I always wanted CRUX to be bigger than a name, especially my own. And it will be.

My partnership in CRUX will end March 1st.  This does not mean it dies. This does not mean it fades away. This means it needs you.



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2 responses to “Walk Away…

  1. Dysfunction Junction

    Fuck I’m proud of you.

  2. T.

    Hey, good job. You’ve had your hand in so many projects for the last couple of years, and it sounds like you’ve found a place where you’re comfortable. If your partnership ends, it’s in name only. I’m fortunate to have shared the experience with you, and look forward to seeing what is coming up in the future. Stoked for the brick and mortar. It’s a beautiful thing.

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