A year and counting.

What started as a reentering into the cooking “community” of Chicago, over time, grew into something much larger than I had ever expected. CRUX became like an umbrella for all who wanted to take part, or I at least like to think so. From restaurants to galleries, to houses and farms, CRUX has made its mark over the last year and will continue doing so for as long as the concept remains true. We are a community, a culinary collective, and we are here to serve you.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane…

Our birth. August 19, 2011.

CRABCAKE: Red pepper birthday cake, crab shell tuile, old bay frosting, fennel puree

When Ideas In Food first posted about frying corn silks, we got inspired: Elotes

The original three.

Foie gras, honey “crack,” concord grape

Kevin McMullen, the day we decided to go feed the homeless.

Hendricks Gin: Quinine gel, cocoa nib, carbonated lime, mint

John Dillinger: Rabbit terrine, acorn, grape, oak, celery

Our Artist dinner.

Duck, butternut squash, turnip, buttermilk, foie, lovage

Raw scallop, celery, cocoa, peppermint

Beet, vinegar, white chocolate

Beets, revisited.

One of our “Menu Rip-Off Series.” EMP.

Breakfast for dessert: Osmanthus sorbet, toasted spongecake, burnt orange, popcorn, honey.

Actual course.

Beets, revisited, again…

The second in our “Menu Rip-Off Series.” This time, Saison takes the hit.

Crudite, set in ranch consomme with tamarind.

More planning.

Tomato with pine nut and cheese.

David Eggers: Egg, botarga, trout roe, black pepper pearls, banana leather.

Portland, Maine.

Last Winter.

Veal heart, chestnut, cherry, smoke

Bacon-cured Mutton tongue, lobster brodo, nasturtium, carrot

Broken carrot, black cardamom

Portland, Maine.

Look for the U. Next on our list: Pittsburgh, Boston, NYC, L.A., and Texas.

“Everybody needs his memories. They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.”- Saul Bellow


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