A Cook’s Night Off.

You can ask any person in any position of the “BOH” in a restaurant: “What do you like to cook at home?” and you will usually get the same answer: “I don’t.” I’m gonna call bullshit on that one. So, yeah, maybe we don’t cook for ourselves every night, but when we do cook, especially when company comes, we tend to go a little overboard.

Last night, Keith and I went out to get ground beef and burger buns. We returned with cases upon cases of product from three different locations, two of those being wholesale facilities.

This is a peek at last night’s ‘cue.

laying out the spread

whey poached masa crusted brussels

grilled watermelon salad with radish, olive, red onion, feta and basil

grilled squid with smoked potatoes

smoked pork tenderloin

coffee crusted grilled ribeye

plate it up… smoked clams made an appearance, too.

time to eat and discuss serious matters like sharks in swimming pools..

Not pictured:

Sriracha-deviled eggs


Our own version of elotes-corn with home-made ricotta with cilantro and avocado

Sorry, we were too busy eating.

“People are always good company when they’re doing what they really enjoy.” -Samuel Butler


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One response to “A Cook’s Night Off.

  1. Tim

    Fuck, man. Good going, there. I could really go for some squid right about now.

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