CRUX Portland

Dining Room

This dinner was about paying proper homage to my experience in Maine, where I discovered an amazing array of product of raw, natural beauty. Because so many of the items used to create this menu were found the old-fashioned way -by heading out in the woods to forage with Jenna Rozelle of Twinflower Farm- we decided to forego using modern techniques altogether.

We felt that simple, classical cooking would best highlight the flavors showcased on this tasting menu. Should anyone take issue with the tapioca starch or pearls used in the second and twelfth courses, I beg you to better research this versatile species which has been used by dozens of cultures across the globe for centuries. That’s right, look it up. I hear google calling your name.

Not pictured: Melon and Cheese


Cucumber/soy/evening primrose

Serve to the left.

Adding the cucumber and juniper broth

Tomato/red onion/tamarack/pine cambium chicharrone/sweet fern

Beet/Kefir/oxalis flower

Cabbage leaf/red onion/buttermilk shards/sea blight

Charred broccoli stem/ fried floret/broccoli leaf/grilled garlic scape

Peas/goose tongue/mint/flank/quail egg/orpine

Zucchini/Soft-boiled egg/ pink peppercorn shortbread

Cocoa dusted potato/butter poached lobster/sea bean/vanilla aroma

Chicken fried mutton/red eye gravy/buttermilk biscuit/mustard greens/fire weed/mustard seed

Beer pickled carrot tip/carrot granita/candied carrot top/fried carrot greens

tapioca pearls/cream/blackberries/blue berries/bunch berries/sumac berries/sarsaparilla berries/swamp currant

Corn pudding/fried corn silk/wood sorrel

Get it.



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3 responses to “CRUX Portland

  1. really interested on the Kefir and Beet dish. Were these the Beets you pickled? & Was there any beet essence in the Kefir?

  2. stems were pickled, leaves were dehydrated, beets were roasted, and some were pureed with the kefir- the pink sauce underneath.

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