On July 22nd, CRUX teamed up with Salt of the Earth to create an epic dining experience for 36 guests. We’ve put together some photographic highlights of the dinner for your viewing pleasure. We would like to thank the entire NACL staff for all their hard work and hospitality.

Without further ado:

Eucalyptus/malted milk/black sesame/queen anne’s lace, Parsnip/micro parsnip/malt vinegar powder, Beer pickled chanterelle/crystal lettuce/soubise, Tequila compressed watermelon/feta/shiso

Tomato/whey/jasmine horchata/pine/soy/basil

smoked peach soup(not shown)/inflated corn ice cream/whole fried corn/lamb breast threads/mache/nasturtium

Crudite from Garfield Farm/ buttermilk-ranch consomme gel/ dill pollen/ tamarind-honey

Mortadella/white bread/yolk/bone marrow mayonaise/ smoked paprika

Blis trout roe/cucumber blossom/cucamelon/ham fat gel/compressed cantaloupe

Veal heart tartare//avocado tile/cherry/cocoa nib/huitlacoche pudding/buckwheat flowers

Milk poached cod/cotechino/pistachio/burnt orange

Salt baked squab/chicory/blueberry/currant/mustard/red streak/ thumbelina/organs

Zucchini/lemon verbena/sunflower/ginger

Chocolate ice cream/caramel-long pepper pudding/peanut butter cookie/shelled passion fruit sorbet/bronze fennel/ olive oil

Sassafras puff/hyssop, Coriander fluff/coriander berries, blackberry-anise pate de fruit/violet, scotch/cigar

*This post is missing two courses: Beet/rose/honey-truffle/oxalis and Carrot/basil/capsaicin/gin. We will post them as soon as they come into our possession.
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is a progress. Working together is success.”- Henry Ford

Photo Credit: Adam LaPalio


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