Day of rest.

I’ve never been much for inactivity, cessation has only worked in small intervals throughout my life. I don’t believe that a spirit exists simply to sleep. So, why does the world work forty-hour, five-day weeks? Well, the world doesn’t work like that. It’s just what we choose to accept.

Instead, I choose movement. Constant, relentlessly incessant movement. You ask,” Why are you working on a farm?”  I say , “I lost connection with what I opted to call my art.” You wonder, ” What are you doing hiking sixty miles down the Appalachian Trail?” I say, ” My soul needs peace.”  Surroundings affect your production. If you stop producing, you either move on or it’s over.

Each of us lives in a world that differs slightly from others’. My world is loud and full of distractions. I try to make it work and seize those fleeting distractions to create new ideas.  The few who understand that extreme measures must be taken to quiet the mind are the few I keep the closest.

I’ve been on a mission of sorts, since coming to Maine. I’m unsure exactly what that mission is, but a small portion of it, admittedly, was to rest. Having rested my mind, what I’ve come to realize is this: I’ve stripped off the excess— the bullshit, and the need to fluff food, writing, and creating.  The reality is that we need not incorporate anything extraneous in anything we do in our lifetimes. The Mainers in my life have taught me something that I’ve always exhibited, but never fully understood…I don’t have to answer to you. Or to anyone, really.

What CRUX will produce at the dinners in Portland, ME will be completely different from what CRUX produced in Chicago. What I do after October, when I leave Maine, will be different than what was done prior. And so on…

If change isn’t your thing than CRUX is not for you. Rest, though, might be.

” No there ain’t no rest for the wicked, until we close our eyes for good.” – Cage The Elephant  (Come on, you know you saw it coming.)



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2 responses to “Day of rest.

  1. “The reality is that we need not incorporate anything extraneous in anything we do in our lifetimes…… I don’t have to answer to you. Or to anyone, really.”

    Fuck yeah.This. Embracing these ideas has made me more productive and at peace with my creativity/art/etc than ever before.

  2. Tim

    Man, what’s there to do when you need to reconnect with your craft? I dig what you’re doing, and the quieter it seems to get, off the line, out of the city, even out from the farm, the closer I hope you get to center in your future w/food. That’s exciting, man. Glad for you.

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