I catch a lot of flack, and most of it’s deserved. I’ve put myself out there, literally half-nude, for people to gawk and opine. That’s my prerogative. Anything that shows up on the internet these days is trolled by former employees, colleagues, superiors, family, friends, etc… and is usually responded to with polarizing force. The difficulty I’m having is that the backlash has always been, and always will be, scripted anonymously.

An incident occurred today when I said something personal, as I always do, via social media. It was not-so-promptly replied to and taken the wrong way, by a civilian for whom it wasn’t intended. The conflict was quickly resolved, I guess, and was extinguished faster than the burn pile of scrap lumber behind the house.

“How?” you ask. Because of confrontation.

Confrontation is crucial. Without it we would still be in the Cold War, the telephone may have not been invented, and you wouldn’t be born. Discussing a matter face-to-face—with words— is what separates man from beast. The reason we hide behind computers, fake names, and the safety of anonymous blog commentary is for fear of the consequence of standing up for something you believe in.

We are animals after all.

We live in an age where everyone thinks that anything said is directly related to them. But in the words of Kenny Shopsin, “You’re not special.”

You can see my face. This is who I am.

Come correct.

“The coward only threatens when he is safe.”- Goethe


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  1. Tim

    Same way people would thumb their nose at protesters last week at NATO who covered their faces. You want to stand for something, but you don’t have the conviction to show your face? You’re just wasting space. Own your comments. Own your actions and words, and own your creativity, not someone else’s. Keep on truckin’ BB.

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