“Balls completely out.”

Salt of the Earth.

…was how Chef Kevin Sousa described the upcoming 12 course dinner collaboration between me, him, and his chefs.

Of course, that is the quickest way to draw my attention, next to lining up a  few strippers with bags of coke in their mouths whispering the words “chef, come play.”

…trailed off there a bit.

The date will be Sunday, July 22 2012. The dinner will include 12 courses with bites before, and after. Both alchoholic and non-alchoholic beverage pairings will also be given. The price is $250 and there will be 36 available seats at the Pittsburgh, PA restaurant Salt of the Earth (NaCl).

I’m very excited to be rubbing elbows with Sousa, Rubis, and Townsend. The team at Salt is outstanding and this should prove to be a once in a lifetime experience.

Reservations can be made starting Wednesday, May 23rd, through Salt of the Earth’s reservation line.

Get on it.


“I think it is in collaboration that the nature of art is revealed.” -Steve Lacy  


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