CRUX feat Iliana Regan Dec 12, 2011

Tis the season for CRUX to be back at it again.

A couple months ago, we crossed paths with Iliana Regan, chef/owner of One Sister, Inc.. Since then she has helped us design 14 courses for our December 12th pop-up dinner. The theme? Local artists.

Each dish is meant to commemorate the artist (Walt Disney, Billy Corgan, John Dillinger – just to name a few) in a unique way. Whether we pay homage to their medium, vice, or do a play-on with their names, the menu is one our most uniquely compiled yet and the plating techniques will be incredible.

Also, since the August 19th charity pop-up was such a success, we knew we had to do a donation again. This time, all proceeds are going to the Inspiration Corporation, who help individuals affected by homelessness and poverty become self-sufficient.

To increase awareness on the issue, CRUX prepared food and coffee for the homeless a few weeks ago. See more about that experience here.

Though we’ll take as many reservations as we can, seating – which starts at 7pm and is staggered thereafter – is extremely limited at our venue, Bonsoiree (2728 W Armitage). Tickets are $125 each for this BYOB dinner and reservations can be requested by sending an email with your party size and phone number to

We’ll do our best to get back to you and confirm your seating within 24 hours.

Happy holidays, everyone.


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