The Michelin man cometh…

With the release of the Bib Gourmands today in Chicago, a lot of people are up in arms – probably because hot-comodities Avec, The Publican, and Girl and the Goat did not receive a star. If only the fact that our multiple, local chefs currently starring on national television shows could warrant such a coveted rating in return…but, alas, I digress.

Regardless, this really got me wondering: what is the bib gourmand suppose to mean? Personally, I always thought it was meant to feature restaurants with a good value, something completely different than the star ratings. Why were places like Kumas Corner and City Provisions left out of the mix? And if they were included in the bibs, would people be complaining about the fact that they werent considered for a star?

Wine programs have also been tossed to the side for our Chicago Michelin one-stars (Schwa and Bonsoiree). In my opinion, both place’s food stands up to the rating, but but when a guest has to walk through a party-fueled, sometimes-messy kitchen to use the bathroom at dinner… a star? Really?

And what if bars start getting stars? If they don’t care if you sell wine, why should they care if you sell food?

Regardless, next week when the stars drop, we will see if places like Longman keep their notariety, if places like Next are judged differently with the conceptual changes, and if places like EL or One Sister Inc. are even noted.

Though 2012 is out of my control, I sincerely hope that CRUX – which is opening a temporary, weekly restaurant – is recognized in 2013.

Cheers to the underground.

Stars for everyone.


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