The interpretation of subjectivity.

Writers, philosophers, musicians, schizophrenics, architects, criminals, teachers, chefs, dancers, directors, and actors… no, not a description of my family dinner guest list, but rather what has filled my desktop for the past week. And also my brain. Which is asking the question: “who is an artist?”

With Ruhlman writing whole chapters dedicated to the art vs. craft of food and every chef constantly trying to one-up each other, it’s hard to throw people of this industry in with the rest of the coterie.

With that said, what makes an architect an artist instead of a craftsman? You could say worse about criminals and schizos, but I say there is a commonality between all parties.

It’s called vision. A pictorial goal in one’s sub-conscience to be able to see something before it is discernible.

We are planning to do our own interpretations of people who have inspired the stale by devoting a course to them in our next Pop-Up extravaganza. Be it good or bad people, they somehow were able to change perception and motivate others to, no matter what, take hold of their intentions and keep the inspiration going.

Whether it be building, designing, writing, breaking out of prisons, mind-vomiting utter bullshit to the masses in lyrical form, writing the anti-bible, or cooking — they are all artists in CRUX’s mind, and we will recognize them just as that.

We don't play.

“Art, to me, is the interpretation of the impression which nature makes upon the eye and brain.” —  Childe Hassam


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