Can’t stop, wont stop.

It was pointed out to me that I have been writing a lot lately. After a good month of not a lot of inspiration, it pains me to look back over the past few posts and see how angry the tone of the thoughts had shifted. Just as I have seen in writing, I believe the same to be true in creation of food- environment dictates product.

Yes, I left my last post as chef. Yes, I’ve left other posts. Not because the “going is getting hard”, but because I know when things stop working for me. And when things stop working, when the inspiration flutters out, and the decision is to stay somewhere and be miserable doing someone else’s bidding,  or leaving and focusing on the things that make you happy- cooking your own food, giving back to the community, spending not a lot of time, but a better quality of time with the people you love- it makes for a better product. Be it food, words, or insight.

There is a lot coming up from CRUX. And now we have the time to really push the idea of a collective further than we could before.  Documentation will be steady, and our sights will constantly be on what’s next- without the fear of failure.

“Truly successful decision-making relies on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking.” Malcolm Gladwell


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  1. I want to start by saying that I’m not saying this wasn’t the right decision for you….This time. Brandon you will be leading people no matter what venue you are in, that’s what a chef is, hes a leader. he inspires and teaches and more than all else makes people believe in his vision, leaders need followers…..
    as all of us know cooking is a war and the customer, critics, owners, bosses; well… they are the enemy. Sometimes the hard part is for the leader to keep faith and keep face when times are dark, your human too. but shit rolls down hill, and if the leader doesn’t lead, the followers have no one to follow. from time to time winning can actually be losing or more so being the bigger person and taking a step back and not having the last word……. because overall success is winning, winning the war not just the battle.
    Your vision on food is awesome, and i dig it. food porn – nuff said (and it tastes good)…. Had a blast no matter how short it was. Hopefully this is not goodbye but see you later. Don’t be afraid of success, followers need leaders chef, but leaders need followers. Thank you (this all includes ur sous chef of course) for everything The wild women, the rippin & tearin, rack’em & rack balls. it was real, it was fun but it aint been real fun.

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