What does it mean to you?

Italian Cuisine.

Those two words, in and of themselves, are a literal contradiction. The word cuisine is French for “kitchen.” Think about that for a second. When traced back to its Latin roots you have “coquina.” So why don’t we say Italian coquina and leave cuisine next to its French describer?

I know that I’m being extremely picky on the literal meaning of the phrase, but I’m doing this to make a claim for not just myself, but all the chefs who like to branch out of their restaurant’s comfort zone on occasion.

A comment on a previous post  about a foie gras dish I made stated that it was not Italian. And I, working at where I do, should be making Italian food. I understand that, and the comment really got my brain balls spinning insofar as what could be considered Italian food.

The foie dish, for example, was a collaboration between myself and Jared Wentworth for CRUX’s Apicius dinner. We had to reschedule it, so I put the previous day’s prep on the menu. I had no choice really. Jared made two of the largest foie gras torchons I had ever seen in my life. We then paired it with grapes, honey, and tangerine lace. All pretty Italian if you ask me.

So in that particular dish, the torchon is obviously the cuisine in the “Italian cuisine” portion of our story.

Perhaps Italian cooking isn’t necessarily about  popular opinion – pasta and red sauce – but more about basic philosophy: zero waste, cook vegetables through, season well, respect simplicity (when needed), and intensify flavors.

And that is what Italian cuisine means to me.


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  1. B,

    I come to restaurants to expand my mind. To enjoy myself. To bring light to something that is unknown. To see something about those who created it, because in essence, that is what I am getting. Your heart, passion, creativity, sense of self, imagination, thought, ideas and perhaps a little bit of a middle finger thrown in there. Stay close to your roots, cook your food, create your passion, dive in to your heart and let it go. If people get you and your food, it will mean more. If they don’t, it isn’t a reflection on you, but their unwillingness to open their mind, stomach and heart to something outside their comfort zone. And to just stay in your comfort zone, well, that is a pretty scary place to be. Good luck, look forward to trying your food soon.


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