First Thoughts

The creative process is a mysterious one. For some chefs it comes easier than others and how one gets a concept from the brain to the plate can be a completely different course for everyone. Having an aim and being able to execute that plan properly is a feat that not many can conquer.

The idea was beets and peaches. The inspiration was the creative environment of El Ideas, during a task as simple as peeling beets. When noticing that roasted golden beets had a similar appearance and texture as a peeled peach my head became happy, as I thought that I could be on to something. But the idea stopped there.

When Potluck Creative contacted me about filming a dish from the ground up I accepted, but no planning was made. I went to the Green City Market and picked up one bunch of beets with greens intact and a box of Michigan peaches, so sweet that the flies were drawn to them like testers in a dope line.

Beets and peaches, I left it at that…

…when the time came to film I added two things to the dish that were in my fridge, blue cheese and butter.

I will say this: executing a dish with no planning, for film, is a daunting task. I told myself that if something didn’t work exactly how I wanted it to, it would still make its way to the plate. A great example of this is the sorbet that finishes the dish. It didn’t freeze completely, but oh well.

What you are about to watch captures the process. Not only the creative one, but the technical one. The dish needs work, but here are my first thoughts.


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