What’s up with CRUX?

There’s no other way of putting it: CRUX is our baby. And like every good parent, we had to make some serious decisions about what’s best for our little culinary brain-child. So after stewing over options, meeting with investors, crunching numbers, checking out spaces, and interviewing potential staff, we’ve finally landed on a solid direction – one that pays homage to our original principles and identities as creative, independent cooks.

Here’s the scoop:

CRUX is unique – we mean that in regards to the people involved, the things we do, and our outlook on the industry and the future of food. So in order to be who we are and do what we love to do, we want to keep CRUX more “underground” and less “institutionalized.” That said, we’ve decided to table the idea for a brick & mortar restaurant for the time being and focus on monthly pop-up dinners that will feature food you’ve never had, techniques you’ve never seen, and locations you’ve never been.  Trust us, this is just as exciting for CRUX as it is for our future guests.

You see, since our inception, chefs from all corners of the industry have expressed a desire to cook with CRUX. So, in the collaborative spirit of the collective, we have taken up those offers and began scheduling the subsequent pop-ups. Next of which will be in October and details will be announced tomorrow.

For those of you who have dined with us before, we hope to see you again next month. And for those of you who missed out on the August 19th pop-up, get ready to move on tickets for the October dinner – as there will be only a limited number of seats in comparison to the number of tricks we have up our sleeves.

As always, thank you for your continued support of CRUX and stay tuned for more information about what’s up next.


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