The Big Question: WHY? Pt. 3 of 3

What the CRUX?

No, Corporate America didn’t kick us out, and this wasn’t our last option in life. In fact, it’s our first passion. And we’re not talking about just cooking — but rather, the whole process: research, development, discovery, frustration, breakthrough, failure, success, high-fives, hand shakes, hard days, long nights…you name it.

When we think about why we cook, we lose ourselves to over-thinking and forget the real reason why we do what we do— it brings us together. Every now and then, between the franticness of the moment and taking ourselves too seriously, there are gleams of happiness, fun, and sincerity. Here are some shots, that I believe, show the rewards.

People look up to me. (Only to take photos like this.)

Just collecting a culinary DNA sample...

Minds open, mouths open.

Yes, ladies. He's single.

Enter at your own risk.

Just seeing how many cooks you can fit in a studio kitchen...

Gotta watch your back.

Yup, looking good.

Yup, ladies. Still single.

Typical model pose for a chef.

Tattoos optional, but certainly preferred.

MUCH more fun than watching paint dry.

View from the top.

“We are our own dragons as well as our own heroes, and we have to rescue ourselves from ourselves.” – Tom Robbins


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