Cognition does not always equal practicality.

Marxist Philosopher Antonio Gramsci said “My practicality consists in this, in the knowledge that if you beat your head against the wall it is your head which breaks and not the wall – that is my strength, my only strength. ”

…And I wish that was mine, but alas. Why do we spend so much time working on a single component of something that we fail to look at the big picture. Hitler was so focused on taking Russia that he rushed in instead of bypassing Stalingrad—totally disregarding an unstoppable force, the weather. He must have never played Risk.

We spent weeks trying to figure out a dish that, in retrospect, was not that great anyways. It came out better when we just totally scrapped the first idea. I realized, in looking at the big picture, that cognition does not always equal practicality. So here is what we did.

We took this idea…

A highly ambitious and tedious preparation, that took hours upon hours of testing and manipulation of ingredients. In order to produce an interesting, but more than that, problematic dish to execute for one dinner.

So we said “fuck it” and turned it into this…

Genmeitcha and Hay Sorbet, Camphor Bubbles, Hot Tobacco Pudding

Do you know what we got? A simpler, less headache-inducing, and overall, a better dish. And now we can focus on the big picture—finishing the menu.


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